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Cancer Information Line

Our Cancer Information Line is a resource for all Cancer Guardian participants and their immediate family members (including parents and parents-in-law). The Information line provides credible information for any cancer-related questions by our team of oncology-trained experts. Participants have access to the Cancer Information Line on day one of their membership and a cancer diagnosis is not required.

Examples of topics that our members ask questions about:

  • Hereditary and familial cancer risk
  • Cancer risk reduction
  • Cancer treatments
  • Cancer related topics found online or in the news
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Dedicated Cancer Support Specialist

When one of our members reports their cancer diagnosis, we immediately assign them a dedicated Cancer Support Specialist (CSS). Their dedicated CSS is there to support them through their cancer journey. The assigned CSS first conducts an orientation assessment to gain a better understanding of the member’s circumstances, ensure they understand everything that has been communicated to them by their physician, and answer any questions that they may have.  Following the orientation assessment, the CSS will provide a personalized information and resource pack to the member; this session summarizes their conversation and answers any questions that they had during the orientation assessment.

Next, the CSS will work with the member and their treating physician to coordinate ordering a Second Opinion Pathology Review and Advanced DNA Testing of their cancer through Cancer Guardian’s contracted lab partners. A Second Opinion Pathology Review and Advanced DNA Testing can be very costly and are not typically reimbursed by medical insurance; however, they are critically important in helping to confirm the correct diagnosis.

The CSS can also arrange for an Onsite Nurse Navigator to attend a physician’s appointment with them. The Onsite Nurse Navigator provides expert support to ensure that the patient is asking all the right questions when seeing their physician. Following the visit they will debrief with the member to make sure that they understand the next steps outlined by their physician, as well as everything being communicated to them during the appointment. 

Cancer Guardian membership provides an affordable way to ensure access to these valuable services.